Shakespeare Day 2022

Shakespeare Day – Sonnet 1

The teachers did prepare with lots of joy
Some reading stations hard, some tasks just fun,
To be enjoyed by ev’ry girl and boy
To get to know the life of Stratford‘s son.

The students savoured biscuits and some tea,
they dressed in hats and wonderful costumes
and had some tasks to solve and films to see
and learned to cherish the bard’s life – posthume.

They named his plays and googled years,
they strove to understand the meaning true,
they learned about deep human love and fears
and thus continued ÖG’s vibes anew.

So let us all with glee together strive
To keep the works of old Shakespeare alive!

By the organising trio: C. Bolte, A. Naß-Schomburg and G. Stefes

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